The permission has been granted.

At an extraordinary meeting held at the club on Thursday, Barcelona members voted on the club’s two “financial levers.”

The first ‘lever’ to be authorized was the sale of a 49.9% interest in Barça Licensing & Merchandising, which is expected to generate between €200m and €300m in revenue.

With 568 votes in favor, 65 votes against, and 13 abstentions, members approved the transaction.

Barca will keep control of BLM because they’re just selling 49.9% and have the opportunity to buy it back later.

Members were asked to vote on television rights next. Eduard Romeo, the company’s economic vice-president, confirmed that the sale must be completed before June 30th.

Meanwhile, Joan Laporta stated that Barca had already rejected a mega-bid, saying, “We had an offer of €1 billion for 100% of the rights for ten years.” “We declined.”

With 494 votes in favor and only 62 votes against, the club’s TV rights from LaLiga were once again approved for a 25 percent share for up to 25 years.

Barcelona also announced that they expect to receive roughly €500 million for the television rights, bringing the total revenue gain to €700 million.

The club will now be looking to complete the two agreements that might jumpstart the club’s transfer market activity.

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Barcelona is interested in signing Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski, but may elect to keep Frenkie de Jong despite Manchester United’s interest.