Starting with a scouting expedition in the opening match of the World Cup, Arsenal and Chelsea may try to sign a World Cup star this winter.

After more than four years of waiting, the World Cup has finally arrived, and every nation is eager to make a statement in this year’s competition. The time of this tournament, which departs from the traditional summer format to become the first winter tournament,

is only one of many factors that set it apart.

With January closer in the schedule than normal, they could be handed an advantage in being able to make signings earlier and into the team compared to a regular season. Mikel Arteta has already hinted that his squad is light in numbers and claimed that plans for January have to change with their unexpected rise.

Due to the need to account for a mid-season break in the calendar, there have been difficulties in Europe. As a result, both the domestic leagues and the World Cup winner may be affected. Arsenal will return from the month-long break as the league’s top team.

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To prepare for games on the biggest stage of them all, the Spaniard and his scouting team may use the World Cup as a point of comparison. The midfield and the flanks are two crucial concerns that might be resolved in the window when it comes to places where depth is required.

With their midfield in need of rebuilding as a number of important players are nearing the end of their contracts and/or their primes, Chelsea may also be keeping an eye on the World Cup for a comparable player. Graham Potter, the incoming manager, will have support and may try to recruit a former player.

As for Chelsea, they might also be searching for a comparable player at the World Cup as a lot of their key players are nearing the end of their contracts and peak years, necessitating a rebuilding of their midfield. Graham Potter, the new manager, is expected to receive support and may try to recruit a former player.

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To uncover their first scouting mission of the competition, including one special gem for their club’s objectives, both teams might not have to search too far. That might occur in the opening Group A encounter between the hosts Qatar and Ecuador, with the away team featuring a well-known Premier League player.

They have Moises Caicedo, a 21-year-old midfielder for Brighton who has already made an impression at such a young age for the Seagulls and might do the same in the competition. Due to the young player’s talent, clubs like Arsenal, Chelsea, and Liverpool have all expressed interest in signing him.

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The Gunners’ reputation and guiding principles have been based around acquiring young players and grooming them into superstars, which has propelled them to the top.

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The two London clubs may engage in a bidding war to sign Caicedo as the new Blues owners Boehly-Clearlake are hoping to execute a similar strategy, and Caicedo might be another step in that direction.