Not long ago, Chelsea were doing so well that trouble at the Bridge seemed unlikely. How quickly things change in football.

But now, after two defeats, cracks in the fanbase are showing already. Ok, we’ve lost to two big teams, but the performances in those matches and even the performances in the wins that preceded them were weak.

Fans on social media found all sorts of targets for their blame, with players and the coach and even the transfer team taking flak. Tuchel clearly made some errors, but Kai Havertz was also picked out as a common scapegoat.

There aren’t many players on the bus tonight who can hold their heads up high, and Thomas Tuchel has a lot of thinking to do. We’re sure they will look better this weekend, but there’s a long way to go to reach last season’s heights.

You can see a selection of their reaction in the Tweets embedded here:

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