Watching clips of the former Chelsea star each week, Amadou Onana claims that Frank Lampard is STILL a better player than most of his teammates.

Amadou Onana of Everton claims that Frank Lampard is still a better footballer than most of his teammates.

When coaching Onana and the rest of his team, the Everton manager, who scored 177 Premier League goals during his illustrious career at West Ham, Chelsea, and Manchester City, can still turn on the style.

Onana acknowledged that he obsessively watches old Blues video every week in an effort to score more goals from midfield like Lampard frequently did.


Onana to The Telegraph: ‘He’s still very good, but he doesn’t really want to show it because he’s not a show off guy. But we all know he’s better than many of us.

‘We spend a lot of time analysing sequences of the games. He is giving me advice about my positioning, how to be decisive, when to get into the box, so there are a lot of things that we have been working on, but especially my finishing because I think this is one of the missing parts of my game.

‘We have been working on that. We will do specific drills on the pitch over things he thinks I could improve,

‘I think that is what makes a box-to-box midfielder special – having the ability to do both tasks defensively and offensively so that is what I am trying to do.’

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The Belgian said that Lampard, who retired in 2017, greatly influenced him when he was younger.

Onana completed his £33.7 million transfer from Lille this summer and has since established himself as a key player in Everton’s offense.

‘I have watched his clips and goals and I think if I had his shooting ability I would be a very good player,’ he added.

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‘He didn’t tell me to watch them, no he didn’t, he is a very humble guy and that is what I like about him.

‘He could have been like: “Hey I am Frank Lampard, look at what I did.” But he is really not like that. He is just trying to be a humble guy speaking to us normally and respectfully. I really like him.

‘Even before I came to Everton, I watched his goals. I watched a lot of Premier League games. I have been watching the Premier League since I was seven or eight so it has always been the Premier League and if you talk about the Premier League you have to mention his name.’