Chelsea captain Cesar Azpilicueta was on the receiving end of a huge shoulder barge from Zlatan Ibrahimovic during Spain’s World Cup qualifier with Sweden on Sunday evening.

Spain sealed top spot in Group B after a late Alvaro Morata goal secured a 1-0 victory over Sweden at the Estadio de La Cartuja.

Cesar Azpilicueta left a short social media reaction to the interaction he had with Zlatan Ibrahimovic during Sweden’s clash with Spain last night.  

Zlatan was seen crashing into Azpilicueta

Not one to be out of the spotlight for too long, Ibrahimovic decided to literally leave his mark on the match. Footage emerged of the AC Milan centre-forward pretty blatantly slamming into the back of Azpilicueta, seemingly unprovoked.

NOOOO ATROPELLARON A AZPI 😱😱😭😭😑😑β€” Falcons (@Falcons) November 14, 2021

An act of total recklessness that went unpunished by the officials. Azpilicueta clearly felt the impact of Ibrahimovic’s barge as the Chelsea defender stayed on the ground for a few minutes.

Thankfully, Azpilicueta was not seriously harmed and managed to get the last laugh by beating the Swedes with four minutes of normal time remaining. But the defender proved his ultimate professionalism after the fixture had concluded.

(Picture: Getty Images)

Replying to the challenge on Twitter, Azpilicueta simply wrote ‘Todo bien por aqui’, which translates to β€˜All good around here’ in English.

Todo bien por aquΓ­πŸ˜…πŸ‘πŸ»
β€” CΓ©sar Azpilicueta (@CesarAzpi) November 15, 2021

Always best to be the bigger and better man. Which is something the full-back has always thrived on throughout his career. A true role model for aspiring footballers.

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