According to a report, Todd Boehly chooses the location of Chelsea’s first feeder club.

According to reports, Todd Boehly has selected a place for the first Chelsea feeder club to be based.

Following conversations with agent Jorge Mendes over the summer, the American has decided that Portugal is the best place to start the project, according to The Telegraph.

Throughout the summer, the American had several meetings with the Portuguese football agent to discuss the minor matter of perhaps acquiring Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United.

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Although it has been alleged that the disagreement with manager Thomas Tuchel over the transfer marked the beginning of the end for the German at Stamford Bridge, the deal never materialized.

Tuchel was firmly against the deal, and was seemingly beginning to come frustrated that the rumours of them launching a bid to sign him were failing to go away.


Boehly looking to buy Portuguese club:

The conversations, according to The Telegraph, may not have been a waste of time after all, as talks are still ongoing about Boehly choosing a location to acquire his first club as part of the business plan he wants to follow.

The American wants to expand on the successful Red Bull clubs and Manchester City model, in which they create a number of feeder teams around the globe to eventually enhance the main team.


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