The Chelsea shot-stopper Edouard Mendy has been a great signing for Chelsea, there’s no doubting that now.

The goalkeeper’s influence really changed this defence from the moment he arrived a year ago, and last season’s success was really built on the stability he provided compared to his predecessor.

However, Chelsea legendary goalkeeper Petr Cech made 28 clean sheets in his first 48 games for Chelsea while Edouard Mendy has so far secure 27 clean sheets in his first 47 games for Chelsea. What a signing he’s been

As you can see, Mendy’s first season and a bit at the club matches up with Petr Cech’s equivalent period.

Given Cech was part of a legendary defence in a legendary time of success for the club, getting anywhere close him was a feat – matching him is even more impressive.

There will certainly be a lot of eyes on the game against Liverpool now – if we don’t concede there, Mendy and Cech will be neck and neck.

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