Todd Boehly is a very unpopular character among Chelsea FC fans due to his disastrous start as owner, and now even club legends are criticizing the owner.

Chelsea Online News:
Since the season began, Todd Boehly has fired two coaches including Thomas Tuchel and Graham Potter.

Chelsea FC are having one of their worst seasons in their illustrious history, and most of the blame is being placed squarely on the shoulders of owner Todd Boehly.

Since the season began, the American businessman has fired two coaches, including Thomas Tuchel, the Champions League champion. Graham Potter, who had already suffered a same fate in April, took over as the German coach’s replacement before being temporarily succeeded by club legend Frank Lampard.

With five games left in the season, Chelsea is still mathematically vulnerable to relegation due to Frank Lampard’s six consecutive defeats since taking over. The Blues have also yet to reach the 40-point threshold, which most people believe is necessary to guarantee Premier League safety.

Here are some of the most significant news stories from Stamford Bridge on May 5 in light of that.

Boehly has acknowledged that he and others around him at the top of Chelsea’s organizational structure have made mistakes that they will work to correct.

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The head of Chelsea FC pleaded with the fams to exercise patience during his speech at the Milken Institute Global Conference:

“You know they want to win and we get that we want to win so you know I think our view through was that this is a long-term project and you know we’re committed to the long-term,” Boehly explained.

Chelsea Legend Frank Leboeuf slams players and owner of ‘dirtying club’s image’

Frank Leboeuf slammed Boehly and the Chelsea team for “dirtying the image of the club” following their most recent loss to London rivals Arsenal.

“Shameful, disgraceful, pitiful,” the Frenchman told the Daily Mail. “I don’t know if the players understand what they are doing right now.

“Shameful, disgraceful, pitiful,” the Frenchman told the Daily Mail. “I don’t know if the players understand what they are doing right now.

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“On top of dirtying the image of the club, they are dirtying their own image. What they are showing is the worst in the world of football.

“You can be bad, everybody can be bad, everyone has been bad – that can happen. But when you show no character, no commitment in what you are trying to do, it shows that you are unprofessional.”


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